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Family Junction Unveils Family Jewel
by Matthew Robinson
EDGE Boston Contributor
Monday Sep 17, 2007

The members of local jam-jazz, pop-funk band not only share instruments, musical influences (ranging from David Byrne to Frank Zappa, with more than a touch of Phish and Radiohead mixed in) and production duties, they also share their new album--the CD/DVD combination called "Running Trains (We’re Huge in Japan)" (FamJam) with a bunch of other talented regional artists.

In addition to offering a new, full-length CD of their own impressive music, the Family Junction’s jewel includes an Easter egg-enhanced DVD, on which is a special pioneering package called "FamJam’s Music-Stache, Vol. I"--a complete album’s worth of great songs by a raft of other musicians, including Bajuco, Casa Soy, Fiction Function and Los Mustachios.

"The common thread between our closest friends and us is that we all are creating new and interesting music," says Family member Seth Kroll. "We came up with the idea of FamJam’s Music-Stache after long conversations about how difficult it is for independent musicians to promote themselves."

In addition to supporting other up-and-coming bands by featuring their music on the "Stache," Family Junction has also been working to help support the environment (by way of Guster-ite Adam Gardner’s Reverb programs) and Internet radio. They recently performed in front of the U.S. Capitol in order to bring attention to the Save Net Radio Coalition--a group of concerned artists and record industry professionals who have banded together to fight RIAA efforts to raise royalty fees.

"If the royalty rates are increased to the proposed levels," Kroll explains, "many of the Internet radio stations...will be forced to shut down because the rates will be too high for them to stay in business. If that happens, as independent artists, we can forget about royalty rates all together because there will be no one around to play our music."

Though all these efforts on behalf of other artists may be unusual, Kroll and the rest of the Family see it as a win-win.

"Our response has been overwhelmingly positive," Kroll says, noting that Sen. John Kerry agreed to co-sponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act after the band lobbied him on its behalf. "A commitment has been made to negotiate reasonable royalties."

Family Junction will unveil their new CD "Running Trains (Huge in Japan)" at Bill’s Bar, 5 ½ Lansdowne St. with special guests Cambiata, The Dig, and Fly Upright Kite 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20.