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Family Junction
By Anna Berezina

"Family Junction" has that off-beat hip funkiness that makes you want to dye your hair blue, wear dark-rimmed glasses, sit outside a tattoo parlor, smoke cigarettes and watch the world go by. At the same time they're funny, approachable and adorkable (that's a new word I learned from The New York Times). Here is what they have to say about themselves.

How would you describe your sound?
We've learned to telepathically transform each others' minds into playing what we want to hear. We don't read what each other play-we make each other play what we think.

What/who are your influences/inspirations?

We all listen to a lot of different music all the time, especially each others'...Frank Zappa, Prince, Radiohead, Salt 'n' Pepa, Gentle Giant, Daniel Harris, Alan Cohen Experience, Matt Ross, The State, Stella, Mr Show, David Cross, Sketchpad, Los Mustachios, Los Doggies, Duke Ellington, the Impossible Shapes, Arizona, Grizzly Bear, Pavement, the Slip, Self, Deerhoof, Cinematic Orchestra, Animal Collective, John Coltrane, A Tribe Called Quest, L'hiver, God Street Wine, The Roots...We're all music vacuums Buffalo Chicken. Buffalo Chicken. Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak.

How do you know each other? What is it like working together?

We all grew up together in some capacity.
Dan: Matt and I met at a Ren and Stimpy convention back in '87 - we both showed up as "Poopy" from Stimpy's cartoon and fell in love. We started making music shortly thereafter.
Alan: Seth and I met at Steak and Hoagie in West Windsor, NJ over Buffalo chicken cheese steaks back in fifth grade.
Seth: Dan and I met over a heated frisbee game during color war at summer camp. The disc was down and one of us stepped on it-
Dan: -Which lead to one of us pushing the other one...we were about to throw down and then a counselor tackled Seth.
Seth: Exactly, Biron.
Matt: We're still trying to figure out how Ryan showed up.
Alan: Who's Ryan?
Ryan: Who am I?
Dan: Who?
Alan: Tommy.
Ryan: My name is Eric. Eric Orig.

Does music help you get the ladies?


What makes you Jewish?

A mohel, a mogen clamp, and a scalpel.