from Subba-Cultcha April, 2008... link

by Mandy Williams

The musical equivalent of Monty Python - Experimental prog rock, jazz, folk, funk and hip hop with flying plants, egg baths and banana fingers.

Prog, funk, jazz, rock, folk and hip hop comes care of Boston, collective Family Junction on their CD/DVD ‘Running Trains (we’re huge in Japan.)’ You can be sure there was no record company involvement here as you absorb this quirky self produced product with wonderment.

On the CD the opener sounds like a Calypso version of Vampire Weekend then it segues into ‘Superhero Rejects,’ a moogy jam of jazz and funk that ends in the chorus ‘Aloeicious so magicious, his decisions so ambitious.’ ‘Ranger Stranger,’ is a lovely yet creepy prog piece and the album’s signature track. Having heard the CD the DVD is no surprise. It’s a day-in-the-life alternative-universe musical adventure, which incorporates a flying plant, a man with banana fingers and a bathtub of egg yokes. False noses, moustaches, trench coats and combat boots are some of the props the band use as they cruise around rapping in a car. The ludicrous surrealism of They Might Be Giants meets the white-boy hip-hop of the Beastie Boys, daisy age De La Soul and the concept of Gorillaz. As you listen further the ingenious tracks marry jazz, funk and prog rock beautifully and interestingly. Some great arrangements are achieved by their instrument swapping and no two songs are in any way the same.

Family Junction was founded on a simple principal: a coming together of friends so connected, that ‘family’ is the only fitting description. As weird as the Animal Collective and like the musical equivalent of Monty Python this family they have created a truly original concept piece for the leftfield consumer.