Running Trains (we're huge in Japan)
r. 2007

This package contains our second album, first movie, and FamJam's Music-Stache vol. 1.

MP3 Samples: Ranger Stranger :: Norman :: Grandpa Al :: Rainbow Moustache

CD/DVD - $8
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Pasta Bar
r. 2004

This is our first album. It was recorded in a laundry room of a beach house (but you'd never know it).

MP3 Samples: Veruah :: Big Bad Ben :: Squirrels

CD - $8

*Also available at iTunes

Limited edition handmade poster by Dan Levine benefits the MS Society.

CD - $15
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Our logo tee.

Shirt - SOLD OUT
Hide, hide, close your eyes, or they'll come inside. This is our "Babies Kill" tee.

Shirt - SOLD OUT